DIY Flower Hair Clips

After the dress, what makes you feel more like a princess than the right hairdo? This fun party is for the creative girl who loves cute hair.

Each of the girls will get to create a collection of hair accessories and get a hair makeover. At a paper covered table set an assortment of silk flowers, plastic gems, beads and buttons. Allow the girls to take apart the flowers. Make sure that they remove the funnel shaped brace on the back of each flower so that they can separate the layers of petals. Now the fun part! Let the girls mix and match various colors and sizes of petals to create their own unique flower. They can then choose a gem, bead or button to fit in the middle of their new flower. When the girls have completed their flowers they can take them to an adult with a hot glue gun to have each of the layers and the center glued together and then attached to a hair clip. A bit of advice... if you have very many girls you may want more than one adult with a glue gun. Once they realize how fun it is they produce clips quickly. Have a paper plate or a card with each girls name written on it for them to place their drying clips on so that they aren't misplaced.
While the girls are making their hair clips you can take one girl at a time to the princess salon chair to have a princess hair makeover. Leave a spot for one of their new clips when it is dry.
Have a gift bag ready for the girls to place their remaining clips in to take home.

You will need a variety of silk flowers. Choose flowers like daisies that have soft petals that will flatten out. Choose a variety of colors and sizes for the girls to choose from. The flowers, plastic gems, beads and buttons can often be found at a dollar store. If your local dollar store doesn't have what you need the craft store will, and you will need to go there to find the hair clips. Make sure you have one or more glue guns on hand and extra glue sticks. You may also need bobby pins and small plastic elastics for the hair makeovers.

You'll need extra help for this party, but it will be worth it. Girls of all ages love this activity, and when the guests are gone you may find yourself at the table making flowers too!

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