DIY Princess Shoe Party Favors

Look at the cute gift I got from my daughter for Mother's Day!  She made this for me in her 1st Grade class at school.  I love it because it is girly and fun, but it also came with something alive that I could keep and enjoy for months.  It struck me as a perfect party favor idea.  The girls could make the shoes as a party activity and then they could pick a flower to take home as a party favor.Of course there are lot's of other options for filling the shoes that involve candy and princess trinkets.  Whatever you fill them with these Paper Shoe Favors are sure to be a hit.

You can make them out of plain white paper so that the girls can color them, or cut them out of various scrapbook paper.  Then let the girls decorate them with crayons, glitter, ribbon, flowers and plastic jewels.

*Paper Shoe Pattern available at or you can download them at these links:

Shoe Template
Shoe Flower and Heel Template

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