DIY Ribbon and Tulle Tutu Tutorial

Tutus are such a multipurpose dress-up because they can be used for a princess costume, a fairy costume or a ballerina costume.  This tutu is fast and easy to make, and for all of you non-sewers out there, it does not require a sewing machine.
You will need:
5 yards of tulle (I used 2.5 yards each of pink and green.)
1 yard 1- 1 1/2 inch wide ribbon
5 yards of 1/4 inch ribbon (optional)

 Take your tulle, lay it out flat with the folded edge nearest you.  Roll the tulle up like a carpet from the folded edge to the opposite edge of the fabric.  Then take the roll and cut every 2-3 inches to make 2-3 inch strips.  For a longer tutu leave the strips at this length.  For the length pictured, take each rolled strip and cut it length wise in half.  (The skirt will be a little less than half of the length of your unrolled tulle strips.)  Take your 1-1 1/2 inch ribbon and measure it around the waist of the child you are making the tutu for.  Mark the ribbon on each side where they meet on the child's waist and then add enough on either side to tie a bow and cut the ribbon. 

 You are going to tie the pieces of tulle around the ribbon.  To do this, take a folded piece of tulle (if you cut the tulle then fold the cut piece), just below the folded edge and place it next to the ribbon.  Wrap the rest of the strip around the ribbon and then pull the cut ends through the center of the folded end and pull tight around the ribbon.  Make sure that you are between the 2 marks that you made leaving the rest of the ribbon free to tie.

 Alternate your tulle colors as you are tying the strips.  For the tutu pictured I switched colors every 4 strips.

  If you chose to add the 1/4 inch ribbon you will need to cut the ribbon at twice the length of the tutu and fold the ribbon.  Then tie it to the waist ribbon just as you did the tulle strips.  I tied the ribbon every eight strips, so after 4 of each color.

Continue tying until all of the space between the 2 marks is full.  Tie a knot in the waist ribbon at each mark so that the knotted tulle strips do not slip out of place.  Your tutu is finished!  Just tie it in a bow around your child's waist.

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