Party Time - Fairy Theme

We had a chance to throw a Fairy Party, and we are sharing some of the pics and tips for how we made it happen.  This party was a low budget mostly DIY, but it was super cute.  We started out with a theme of Wings and Color.  

The back drop was created with sheer sequin curtains.  The dessert table was decorated with paper fan flowers, and homemade paper tissue balls.  We added in the bead branches, butterfly garlands and lily pad candle holders from Hobby Lobby.  We loved their collection of mix and match items to create a fabulous party.
The sparkle pretzel wands were made by dipping pretzel sticks into melted pink candy coating chips.  We then sprinkled them with colored sugar crystals to make them sparkle.  We accented the wings with sparkly butterfly skewer stick. These yummy wands were the perfect mix of sweet and salty and were a huge hit at the party!

The cupcakes were topped with pink chocolate fairy wings.  These were made by drawing out the fairy wing design and then covering the paper with a layer of wax paper.  You can then take melted chocolate candy chips and pipe the design onto the wax paper.  Allow the wings to harden and then place them in the frosting on top of the cupcakes.

The cake was covered in a white fondant and then decorated with blue hydrangeas and little purple flowers.  Pink fairy wings were added to complete the look.

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