Pink Rose Princess Collection

This week we are featuring our Hot Pink - Rose Princess collection.  The color on this dress is amazing, and if your princess loves pink you may have a hard time getting her out of it.  The stretch velvet top is a high quality fabric that is soft, durable and comfortable.  The elasticity of the fabric means that it shapes well to different body types giving each girl a great fit and comfort.  The skirt is soft and comfortable, and we love the sequin details around the edge.  My princesses own this dress, and it has been everywhere from the trampoline to the Home Depot.  It is also a dress up chest favorite when princess friends come over because it's size versatility and color.  This dress is recommended Hand Wash, but I turn it inside out and wash it in the machine without any trouble.

The shoes, from our collection of Sequin Shoes, are my favorite pair of dress up shoes ever.  They are a bit more expensive than our other plastic heels, but they are much more durable as well.  The top and inside of the shoe are made with fabric instead of plastic which makes them softer and more comfortable if your princess wants to wear them everywhere like mine.  They also come with a strap which means they don't fall off every time she runs.  The shoe frame is made from plastic, and then on the bottom of the heel there is a rubber patch that gives the shoe grip and keeps it from slipping as easily.  I love this feature because we have a lot of tile floors.

This Crown with Headband is even cuter in person than on the picture.  We love it because, unlike most plastic tiaras, it stays on easily.  The strap also holds the crown in place in a variety of different ways so you can wear the crown on the top of your head, to the back or even to the side.  A friend recently purchased a set of them for a party she was hosting and when I took them over and showed her all of the different ways you could wear the crown she was impressed and excited to try them out.

These bracelets have so much sparkle for plastic beads.  When we hosted a booth at a Kids Expo they were a huge hit with the moms and the girls.  We even had a few little boys who wanted to take one home.  We love that you can play with the set and wear all six or just one.  They are also fabulous party favors.

You can shop this collection now at  During the feature this collection is on sale for only $35.72.  Have fun playing princess!!

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