Princess Basket Game

You will need a chair for all but 1 of your princesses.  Place the chairs in a circle, and choose someone to stand in the middle and be it first.  The rest of the girls should sit down on their chair.  For each round of the game all of the girls sitting must secretly choose a princess that they are going to be.  Have a list of 3 or 4 princesses the girls can choose from.  When all of the girls have a princess name in their minds the girl in the middle calls one of the princess names and any girl sitting who had chosen that name has to stand and find a new chair.  The girl in the middle tries to take one of the empty chairs before they are full.  If she succeeds the new girl standing follows the same pattern.  If she doesn't then she can try again.  In case you need it  we suggest a limit of being it 3 times before parent intervention so as not to make one girl it for too long.

For 7+ Players

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