Princess Halloween Party Ideas

Pumpkins and Princesses have a history. Just think about poor Cinderella who never would have made it to her Happily Ever After without one. So if your princess has an October birthday, here are some ideas for her pumpkin'd out party.

Cinderella's Royal Pumpkin Coach - Create 1 large or individual pumpkin coaches for Cinderella to ride in to the palace. If you don't want to use real pumpkins use sugar cookies and frosting instead of pumpkins and other supplies.
Make a Pumpkin Princess - Jack-o-lanterns don't have to be scary. Dress up and turn your pumpkin into a beautiful princess.

Cinderella's Royal Pumpkin Coach - For whatever size coach you decide on choose a larger pumpkin for the carriage, and 4 smaller pumpkins for the wheels. Place them on a piece of cardboard for assembly and decoration. You will probably want to use hot glue to attach the wheels if you are using mini pumpkins, but if you want something more authentic get some wooden dowels from a craft or home improvement store. You will want to drill a hole in the large and small pumpkins, insert the dowel and attach. Next you can use ribbons, glitter, sequins, gems or anything else that you can think of to make your coach beautiful.

Princess Pumpkin - You will want a pumpkin per girl, but they can be smallish. Use corn stocks, yarn, or twine for the hair, and include some ribbon for bows. Tiaras would be an extra bonus. If you want to dress them up just pick up some tulle or other princessy material from a fabric store. If you sew you can stitch some elastic to the tulle to make fabric skirts for the pumpkins. If not, get creative with hot glue. You could paint, use colored markers, glitter, or even a touch of makeup for the faces. Stick on earrings could be fun or other jewelry.

Be careful with hot glue and kids. They don't always remember that it's hot. Make sure you have paper or cardboard underneath the working area so you don't have a problem cleaning up after.

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