Princess Party Favors

The first thing my girls do when they come home from a birthday party is open their party favor gift bag.  The lucky girl who attended the party excitedly opens her stash while the other girls gather round to ooh and ahh and be envious.
I like a variety of party favors.  Treats and candy can be fun, but if they already had cake and other desserts at the party then as a mom I really don't feel like they need a lot more sugar.  I love things that have meaning like a living flower or a keepsake they created at the party.  I also love favors that the girls can actually use. 
Some of my girl's favorite activities are to dress up, color, draw and create so I put this Princess Party Favor Set together with them in mind.
First they get a Tiara to emphasis the princess in themselves.  Then they get a Crown Shaped Notepad (How cute are these?) to color in.  Of course a notepad is no good without a coloring device, so we added a Wand shaped pen to complete the set.  Now with a simple Bippity Boppity Boo and a swish of their magic wand they can create magical drawings in their princess notepad. Now for sale on

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