The Princess Adventure Relay Race

Place pink and purple ribbons on a table for the girls to choose from as they come in. You will need the exact number of ribbons as girls and evenly divided pink and purple. When the girls arrive tie their chosen ribbon around their wrist like a bracelet, and the color they chose determines their team.
The girls will line up in their teams behind a starting line, and you will place their dress ups on a chair some distance away. When you say, “Start,” the first girl in each team races to their dress ups and puts them on over her clothes as quickly as possible. Then they have to complete a quest (take an item from the dress up table to another place) before they can take the dress off and return to let the next princess go. The first team to have all of the girls finish or, if you have uneven numbers, to finish an equal number of quest items wins.
Quest ideas:
Snow White: Fill a basket with apples for Snow White's pie.
Cinderella: Help Cinderella put away her cleaning supplies so she will be ready to go to the ball.
Belle: Help Belle put her books back in the library.
Sleeping Beauty: Rescue forest (toy) animals by taking them somewhere safe.
You will need a princess dress and a collection of other dress up items, such as tiaras, jewelry, heels, purses, boas, ect., for each team. You can use items you already have, or we recommend our wrap dresses for this activity. These dresses come in pink, purple and blue, and you will love them because they are easy to put on and they fit on top of your regular clothes. You will also need items for the quest. You will want an item for each girl, or if you have an odd number of attendees an even number for each team.

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