The Princess Treasure Hunt

Have you played the game, Pretty Pretty Princess, by Hasbro? It's a cute game and it gave us an idea.

The story: A thief has come to all of the Castles in the Kingdom and stolen all of the princesses jewels. They have nothing to wear to the royal banquet this evening, but there are clues left behind. The princesses must all work together if they want to find their missing jewelry.

Activity: There are bracelets, rings, necklaces, tiaras, gloves, slippers, dresses ect., hidden in secret locations. At each spot is a piece of jewelry for each princess and a clue to the next location. They go from location to location collecting pieces of jewelry. At the end they are ready to attend the banquet of Birthday Cake or whatever the refreshment of choice is.

Prep: You will need guests to RSVP so you know how many pieces of jewelry you'll need. Find an assortment of princess accessories and jewels and place them in secret locations, difficulty dependent on age. From there it's a standard treasure hunt. Make clues and hide the clue for the next location with each jewel stash. Keep the fist clue to start the hunt.

Extras: You can have extra special jewels for the birthday girl.  Everything in one color can be boring, but keep in mind that some colors may not be as popular. If you are going to have different colors have them pre-assigned so there isn't a debate at every stash.

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