Throne Chase - Tag Game

 This is a fun twist on a tag game that has throne theft and intrigue.  The little guests at your party will love it.

Set Up:
You will need Thrones (chairs) for all but 2 of your princesses.  Set them in a circle with space between each chair to run.  Choose 2 princesses to start the chase and the other princesses all sit on their thrones.

 How to Play:
One of the two standing princesses will be chased, and the other standing princess is the chaser.  The princess who is running away is trying to claim a throne before she is tagged.
To get a throne she will run to and stand by or hold on to one of the thrones where a princess is sitting.  Once she is touching the throne she is safe.  The princess who was sitting on that throne has to quickly climb off and run from the chasing princess.  She will try to find another throne before being tagged, and so on.
The chaser is trying to tag the princesses before they can get to a throne.  If she succeeds and tags a princess, then roles reverse and she is chased while she tries to find a throne before being tagged.  We recommend a limit on how long each princess can be it, so that no feelings are hurt.

This game works best outside with 7+ players.

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