24 Hour Facebook Sale

It's hard to know exactly how many of which dresses to buy for our store, so sometimes we end up with to many of one size or another in our warehouse.  We've decide it would be fun to offer these on special sales that we are announcing on Facebook.  They will not be offered on our regular site, so these are special deals just for our fans and followers.

Today's Sale:
 The Rosebud Princess Dress: Size 2-3 Years

Regular Price: $29.99                        24 Hour Price: $10

Because I am a mother to 3 little princesses we have quite a collection of princess dresses in our dress up box.  I've spent the last 6 years feeling and working with the dresses as well as hearing feedback from some of you so I tend to be a bit choosy about which ones we keep.  Two of these made it into our box.

Here's why I like this dress.
To order leave a comment on our blog or Facebook page with your email address telling us which color you would like and how many.  You can also message us or email us at ThePrincessDress@gmail.com. We will send you an email invoice to make your payment via Paypal.com.  Shipping is $3 per dress up to 3 dresses and then we ship the rest for free.

We hope you enjoy the sale, and watch for more styles and sizes to come in the future.

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