Cupcake Wars - Bake Shoppe Party

Cupcakes are all the rage right now so we decided to throw a cupcake themed party.  We loosely based our party on the show Cupcake Wars which is one of my girls favorite shows.  They love the idea of making whatever type of cupcake they want and wining awards for their masterpieces. We also love this idea for a Bake Shoppe Party.  Check out the pics and free printables below.
To prepare for the party we pre-made two types of batter, vanilla and chocolate, and then the same flavors of buttercream frosting. For mixins and toppings we collected various types of chocolate, marshmallows, sprinkles and candy.  Some of the favorites were the chopped up oreos, the M&Ms and of course the sprinkles.  We also used Peanut Butter Cups, white chocolate, mini chocolate chips and lemon head candy.

Each girl got a small glass jar to mix their recipe in and a spoon to stir with.  Here is a link to the Free Printable Cake Batter Labels.  Print them onto a paper that matches your color theme.

We also provided a variety baking cups in various sizes and colors.

We put each girls cupcakes together while we baked so we could keep them apart, and then gave them each a specialize name toothpick to put in their cupcakes when they came out to make sure we could keep track of them. 

To make your own labels:
Here is a link to our Free Printable blank name labels.  Once you have saved the jpeg file to your computer go to  Click on Edit a Photo.  Select the photo and click Open.  On the far left side of the page are some options to edit the photo.  Click on the "P" to add text.  Under the font options go to the font Flavors.  Type the name and drag the text box until it fits inside the label.  Repeat until you have enough labels for each girl.  Print the labels onto colored Paper, and then cut out.  Cut another circle out of card stock.  Use a glue stick to coat the back of your label with glue.  Put the end of a tooth pick just onto the bottom back third of your label.  Then top that with the card stock circle. 

After they had finished decorating their cupcakes each girl turned in one cupcake, with her name pick in it, to be judged.  To make sure no one was left out every girl got an award of some type.  We had awards like The Most Colorful Award and The Most Gooey Goodness Award.

The paper awards were made out of small fan flowers with yellow ribbons, and they were handed out at an "Awards Ceremony" at the end of the party.  Each girl came up to accept her award one at a time while the other girls clapped.  They all felt very special and couldn't wait to take their awards home to show their parents. 

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