Party Sandwiches - Princess Style

Choosing food for your child's party can be tricky because children tend to be picky about what they will and will not eat.  Sandwiches are generally safe because they can choose what toppings to put on their sandwich.  We recommend offering several types of sandwiches at your party including a peanut butter and jam and a meat and cheese sandwich.  If you have brave eaters you can also offer a chicken salad or tuna sandwich.

To make the sandwiches a little more memorable, pull out some cookie cutters that work with your theme.  You can do letters from the alphabet that spell words as they build their sandwich or themed cookie cutters.  For our sandwiches we went with a princess theme.  Our bread is shaped like a large crown.  Then for the meat and cheese we used a castle, a glass slipper, a small crown and a princess dress.  The girls could not wait to build their sandwiches and wanted to try every shape and color.  It was a great way to make the meal a little more fun and easy to eat.

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