Free Printable Princess Bingo Game

Are you looking for a game to play at your next princess or fairy party?  Or do you just need something fun to do with your daughter and her friends this afternoon?  Try out this free printable princess bingo game.  It is filled with fun pictures of princesses, fairies, jewelry and other girly stuff.  There are 12 unique bingo cards for up to 12 players that you can print out on card stock and laminate if you want them to be reusable.  The final page you can print and cut out to use as the call out cards for the bingo game.  Each picture has two cards because the pictures can be used up to twice per bingo card.
You can use candy or little plastic gems as markers for your bingo card.  Once a girl has 5 pictures marked in a row she wins the game.

Print your Free Princess Bingo Game Here.

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