Princess Party

We love to throw a Princess Party.  This one was a low budget, mostly DIY with a few great things from our store, but the girls had a fabulous time and loved their party favors.

Decorations:  We kept this on relatively simple, using our party favors to double as decorations.  Each of the 10 girls got a Pink Heart Tiara and a Pearl Necklace to take home so we used those in the center of the table to make it look extra glamorous.  We also added a couple of tissue flower balls because for color and fun.

Cupcakes:  These pink cupcakes are a Pink Lemonade Cupcake with a Raspberry Buttercream Frosting on the top.  They were a great mix of sweet and tart and were a huge hit with the party guests.  We topped them with homemade colored chocolate princess medallions that the girls loved looking at and eating.  Find a recipe here.

Activity:  Our activity at this princess party was making our own princess paper dolls.  Each girl got their own package of crayons and a paper doll set to color and cut out.  The activity took a lot of time because after they cut out and colored each of the dolls they also wanted to play with them.  We gave each girl their own little bag with their name on it to keep track of and take home their own dolls and accessories. *Paper dolls from Blogginess

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