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Award Winning Children's Outdoor Thermometer
It drives me crazy when my kids come down in the morning, in the middle of winter, in shorts or a summer dress.  They will also put their coats and sweaters on when its 70+ outside and getting warmer.  They all want the independence of choosing their own clothes, but the weather around here can be somewhat unpredictable from day to day.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way they could make smart clothing decisions without mommy regularly having to tell them they were wrong and to get redressed.

That's why I was so excited to receive this award winning Kidknows TM Outdoor Thermometer.  It easily installs on your window, and it shows the outdoor temperature.  The best part is that next to the temperature levels are clothing options that match the weather.  The clothing is even pictured in color levels that change as the temperature increases.  The idea is for your kids to learn about weather and temperature and to be able to make their own intelligent decisions about what to wear.


So for the last several mornings, after we installed the thermometer, my kids have run down the stairs to see where the red line is on the thermometer and what clothes they should put on for the day.  It has been so exciting for them, and they are actually choosing clothes that are appropriate for the very hot summer weather we've had.  It has been a educational tool in our house as well as a convenience item for me.


This thermometer is great for a classroom as well.  Teachers could make use of it while teaching students about weather, and then when it is time for recess, children could quickly look at the thermometer to know if they were required to wear either a coat or sweater outside.  This would have been helpful at our school during this past spring.  Mornings were still nippy so my kids would wear a coat to school.  Without thinking they would put it on for recess, and then when they got outside it was too hot.  They would take their coats off on the playground and then forget to pick them up and bring them back in the house.  As a result I spent a lot of time after school searching for coats, and one of them we never found.

If you are looking for a fun and unique teacher gift this year, this is just the thing.

Kidknows is giving 3 of our readers the chance to win their own thermometer to use in your own home or to give to a teacher you love.  Enter to win below (and for more chances to win, check out their other giveaway here.)

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