Dancing til' Midnight - A Princess Twist on a Musical Chairs Game

This game idea comes from the classic party game, Musical Chairs.  We combined that with the story that Cinderella is at the ball dancing with her prince and she forgets the time.  She has to quickly leave before the clock finishes striking midnight.  Here is the game.

You will need to select some dancing music that fits a princess theme.  We recommend this piece by Ponchielli available on YouTube.  You will also need some kind of clock chime sound.  We like the sound of the Church clock. St. Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London.  The game is also particularly fun at a dress up themed party.

Gather the children in a space clear of furniture and sharp corners.  Turn on the dancing music.  The girls all dance until they hear the sounds of the clock chimes.  Once they hear the clock chime they have to either run to the door or sit down and stop dancing, whichever works best in your situation.  The last girl to sit down or make it to the door gets to sit with the servants (the girls that are out) until the rest of the game is over.  The last girl remaining wins the game and is crowned the Princess.

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