Hide and Seek Cinderella's Slipper - A princess party game

This game is simple and fun, and you can fit it to almost any princess you'd like.

How to Play:

Have a Princess Slipper on hand to hide.  Choose a girl, probably the birthday girl, to have the first turn.  Give her Cinderella's slipper to go and hide somewhere in the room or yard that the party is in.  The other girls must be in another room or closing their eyes.  Once she is done hiding the slipper the other girls come in to search for it.  If they are having trouble finding the slipper the girl who hid the slipper can give them hints by saying hotter if they are getting closer or colder if they are too far away.

Whoever finds the slipper first gets the turn to hide the slipper next.


Snow White - Hide and apple.
Beauty and the Beast - Hide her Book
Sleeping Beauty - Hide a bobbin of thread
Rapunzel - Hide her brush
General Princess - Hide her crown.

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