Pin the... Princess Party Game Ideas

Looking for a fun game for your next princess birthday party?  We've come a long way from Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  We created a list of some super fun, super adorable, and super girly ideas for Pin It games for your party.

Here are some specific ideas and variations that we love.

Pin the Kiss on the Frog - Each girl will get her own set of lips with tape on the back.  I have my own laminator so I laminated mine to use over and over again.  Create a large drawing or poster of a frog prince.  Blindfold the girls and let them take turns trying to pin their kiss on the frog.  The goal is to get it on his cheek.

Pin the Princess on the Castle - Create a large drawing or poster of a castle before hand.  You can also prepare the princesses before hand or let them color and make their own as a party activity.  Then use the blindfold and allow them to pin their princess onto the castle.  Have a specific area of the castle that they are going for if you are giving out prizes at the end.

Pin the Dress on the Princess - This one reminds me of paper dolls.  How fun would it be to let each of the girls design and color their own dress for the princess doll?  Then, while blindfolded, they try to pin their dress on the doll.

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