Princess, May I? - A Princess Party Game

I often take regular games and twist them just a bit to make them fit the party theme I am going for.  This game is a twist on the classic Mother, may I game.

How to play:

Choose one girl, perhaps the birthday girl, to take the first turn being the princess.  Give her something special to put on that distinguishes her as the princess like a crown, a wand or even royal robes (like this princess cape).  Then have the other girls line up in a straight line across the room or the yard from the princess.  Starting with the first girl in line, the princess will give her a command to take a number of steps, jumps, leaps, ect., forward.  The girl must then say "Princess may I," to which the princess responds, "Yes you may."  If the girl forgets to ask, "Princess May I," she has to go back to the beginning line, otherwise she can take the commanded steps forward.  The princess continues down the line of girls and then starts again until one of the girls reaches her.  The first girl to reach her then becomes the princess, puts on the princess robes and then the game starts again.

This game also works if you have boys and girls at your party.  Just change the wording to "Prince, May I" if a boy is the first to reach the birthday girl.

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