Princess or Super Girl

Most little girls that I know love to dress up like princesses, but sometimes you find one that would prefer to be something a little different.  At Halloween time my girls search through the entire store looking for the prettiest dress they can find for their costume.  However, one year, at the last minute, one of my little ones decided she wanted to be Peter Pan instead.  It was quite a surprise, but we went with it and I made one for her the next day.  It's been 4 years, but that costume is still in our dress up box and gets used along with all of the princess costumes.

I think it's fun to have something a little different in the dress up box so that the girls and their friends have options.  That is why I love this Super Girl dress up combo so much.  It's still girly, but super at the same time.  The mask and cape are machine washable and comfortable to wear so she can be super, clean and comfortable.  The mask is also reversible and can be either white or pink.  We are giving you a chance to get the set today for almost 30% off.  Have a super fun time shopping!


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