Fishing for a Prince - A Princess Party Game

Frogs and princesses go a long way back.  That is why we love this variation on a fishing booth or fishing for prizes game.  The story of the game is that each princess at the party is trying to find a prince out of all of the frogs.  The Frog Princes have a special gift for their princess if she can find him in the pond.


You will need:
Paper Frogs
Prizes (Rings)
A stick
A Magnet
Paper Clips

Print or draw enough frogs for all of your party guests and some extras.  I always like to laminate mine so that they are more durable and I can use them again for another game or just playtime.  Attach a prize to the back of enough frogs for each guest.  We recommend something light like one of these rings for your prizes.  After the prize is on the back of the frog, slip a paper clip onto the frog.
Attach one side of the string to your stick.  Then attach a strong magnet onto the other side of the string to create your fishing pole.

How to Play:
Place each of the frogs face up with the prize underneath so the girls don't know which prizes go to which frogs.  Each girl will take a turn fishing for a frog by using the stick to hold out the magnet over the frogs.  Once she gets the magnet to stick to one of the paper clips she can pull up the frog and see if there is a prize underneath.  She must keep fishing until she finds a Prince (a frog with a Prize.)  She gets to keep whichever prize she finds.

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