Pixie Dust Tag - A Fairy Party Game

A dark magic has come to Fairy Land in the form of the Ice Witch.  She uses her magic wand to freeze all of the fairies.  The only thing that can save the day is Pixie Dust.

How to Play

Choose one girl or an adult at the party to be the Ice Witch.  The rest of the girls are fairies.  The witch will need a magic wand to freeze the fairies with.  She has to touch (not hit) the girls with her wand or hand.  If she is able to touch the fairy the fairy is frozen. 

Each of the fairies will have a small bag of pixie dust.  When they see one of their fellow fairies frozen they must sprinkle them with a pinch of pixie dust in order to unfreeze them.  Once a frozen fairy has been sprinkled with pixie dust she is free to fly (run) away again.

*If you don't want the girls to get powder on their clothes or hair you can make a special rule that the frozen fairies hands must be held out while they are frozen.  The rescuing fairies will have to sprinkle the pixie dust on the outstretched hand.

Pixie Dust

There are lots of options you can use for pixie dust like glitter, colored sand or sugar.  You could even use a small confetti.  To make your own pixie dust recipe you can combine baby powder with glitter.  The end result is a sparkly powder that the girls will love.  You can use pink, silver and gold colored glitter to make your own special recipe of pixie dust.

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