Princess Capes - Keep your Princess a little bit warmer on Halloween

Hooded Princess Cape

Depending on where you live Halloween can be a little bit chilly.  I'm not convinced that it shouldn't be moved up to early October;)  For now, living in northern Utah my girls need something over their costumes.  They always complain about having to wear a coat because it covers up the adorable costume we just bought or created.

That is why I love these adorable Hooded Princess Capes.  They go over the top of a costume and keep the arms just a little bit warmer.  If the weather is still really cold out you will still need a coat, but this will help if it's just a little to chilly to go out without sleeves or short sleeves.  It can also got over the top of a coat if your little one's coat isn't princessey enough.

These capes now come in 5 colors, Pink, Hot Pink, White, Red and Lavender.  Each cape is fur lined and has a hood.  The cape ties around the neck with a ribbon to hold the cape in place.  The capes are made from a soft silky fabric and are so comfortable to wear.

You can purchase these capes now at:


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