Winning Kisses - A Princess Party Game

This is a fun, princess twist on a chocolate candy game I used to play with my brothers and sisters around the kitchen table.  It was always one of our favorites because it included chocolate and dice.

The Story:

All the girls are trying to win True Love's Kiss from their prince.  It will take some strategy and a bit of luck, but if they succeed the reward is sweet:)

Items You Need:

1 Sleeping Mask (or a blindfold of some kind)
1 Set of dice
1 Pair of Princess Gloves
A Bowl of Hershey's Kisses

How To Play:

Have the children sit around a table or a circle on the floor.  Place the mask/blindfold gloves and kisses in the middle of the circle.  Choose a child to start and hand her the dice.  She will dice the dice and try to get 2 sixes.  If she doesn't dice two sixes then you pass the dice on to the next girl and so on until one of the girls dices the 2 sixes.  That girl then quickly puts on the mask and gloves and then tries to unwrap a Hershey Kiss with the gloves on her hands.  If she gets it unwrapped then she can eat it.
In the meantime the other girls continue to pass the dice around the circle.  They are trying to dice 2 sixes before the girl who is unwrapping the chocolate can finish getting her kiss open.  Once a new girl dices the 2 sixes the girl with the gloves on has to quickly take them off as well as the mask and hand it to the new lucky player.  The new double six dicer puts the gloves and mask on and tries to get her chocolate open while the first winning girl joins the dicing circle for another chance to win a kiss.

Gloves $3.99
Mask  $2.99

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