Girl's Style - Silver and Purple Holiday Outfit

It is Holiday season, and time for all of those holiday parties for yourself and your family. If you're like me picking out the right outfit for the kids to wear to special events can be either super fun or highly stressful. This year, for the first time, I let my girls help pick out their own Christmas outfits. They chose similar style dresses in Black, White and Green with a little bit of silver bling. Once they tried them on it took me at least a half hour to get them to take the dresses off so they didn't stain or wear them out before the big day. The girl with the white dress was pretending to be a bride (with a veil, shoes and flowers from the dress up box,) and the others were filling in as her bridesmaids. It was quite the show:) 

 I may have been bumped from picking out the holiday outfits this year, but that doesn't mean I don't have my own ideas. My vision was softer, but it still included just a touch of silver bling. Here is our Holiday Outfit Idea for girls this year.

THE DRESS: I love the rose covered bodice on this lavender dress and the chiffon fabric makes for a soft and flowing skirt.  This dress is available in multiple colors at

THE SHOES: There is just something about heels that is too fun and girly.  I love finding shoes with a small heel for my girls on special occasions.  The lavender lining in the silver shoe is a special touch, and my princesses will go crazy for the bling on the bows.  You can find these Kenneth Cole 'Dance Away Shoes' at Lord and Taylor.  They are on sale right now and use coupon code FRIENDS for an extra 25% off.

THE HEADBAND: I picked this Shabby Flower Silver Headband because the flowers tied in with the roses on the dress, and the bling tied in with the shoes.  I always try to purchase accessories I can reuse, and this headband would work with so many outfits.  You can find it for sale this season on Etsy.

THE NECKLACE:  This outfit is already pretty fantastic, but if you want a little bit of extra color and sparkle you can top it with this Silver and Lavender chunky bead necklace from Etsy.  My girls never turn down pretty jewelry.

Whatever you and yours are wearing this Holiday Season, we hope that you make lots of memories and enjoy your special time together.

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