Princess Stocking Stuffers - 30-70% Off Sale

If you are like me you've chosen most of the larger gifts for you kids already, but in the next week or so I start thinking about stocking stuffers.  Growing up in a large family, our stockings were one of our favorite parts of Christmas because it was the only thing we could look at before my parents got out of bed.  We would wake up as early as 4am and sneak downstairs to start eating our candy and sorting out the surprises in our stockings.  Then we would sit around together and talk about what we thought was in our packages and who was getting the biggest ones.

Now that I'm married with children of my own my husband and I had to compromise on new rules.  My kids have to wait until the parents wake up to come downstairs.  To carry on his family tradition there is a sheet blocking their view of the family room with the fireplace, the decorations, the tree and the stockings.  Once we get up and light the fire, the kids come running into the room and head straight for their stockings.  It has been so fun to plan the little gifts they get to pull out of their stockings and get so excited about before the larger toys come out.

This year we decided to throw a huge stocking stuffer sale with lots of our favorite small princess items for the princess lovers at your house.  We've included jewelry, crowns, gloves, halos, wings, wands, princess pens, crown shaped notepads and more.  We hope you are able to find some great deals and check some gifts off of your list.

Shop the Sale Here

Happy Holidays!! 

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