Sharks and Mermaids: A Mermaid Party Game Idea

Mermaids are quite popular with little girls right now.  I should know, because my 4-year-old is quite obsessed at the moment.  She decided to be Ariel for Halloween this year, and even with our variety of Mermaid dresses it took us a while to find her the right one.  She rejected some of the fins as not realistic enough and she had to have one that was the right color.  She ended up choosing this one, and it was perfect.  She's already informed me that next year she is going to be Ariel with legs:)
With my dear daughter in mind, I came up with a new tag game idea for a Mermaid Themed Party.

The Game

The story for the game is that the mermaids (the girls at the party) are all chatting and splashing away until a shark swims in their water.  The sharks in Neverland are friendly and want to play tag with the mermaids, and the mermaids agree.  The mermaids are trying to avoid being tagged by the shark.  If they get caught they have to wait on the rocks while the rest of the mermaids play in the water.

Make sure you have a clear space for the girls to run around in for this game.  You can either choose girls to take turns being the shark or have an adult at the party be the shark.  My girls love it when adults are part of the game.  To make it even more fun the shark can wear this oven mitt and use it to tag the mermaids.  Designate a place as the rocks for the girls to sit on once they have been tagged by the shark.  (We use the couch.)  Once everyone is tagged you can select a new person to be the shark and start again.

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