Couples Tag - A Valentines Day Party Game for Kids

If you are planning a Valentines Day Party for your kids or teenagers or helping at at a school party this game may be the perfect game for you.  It takes no preparation, is great exercise and is super fun for kids.

How to Play:

Split the children into sets of two.  They do not have to be boy and girl but could be if you wanted to.  Have the twosomes stand next to each other in a a circle.  The couple can link arms or just stand very close together.  Make sure there is space in between each couple for people to run.

Choose one couple to start the game.  One of the two from the chosen couple will be the chaser and the other the runner.  The runner runs around and through the circle until they link arms with or stand right next to another couple.  There can only be two people in each couple so once the runner attaches to the couple the third person on the far side of that couple has to leave and becomes the runner.  Meanwhile the chaser is trying to tag the runner.  Couples have to be paying attention because if the runner attaches to the person you are coupled with you have to run.  If the chaser successfully tags the runner, the rolls reverse and the chaser becomes the runner and the tagged runner becomes the chaser.

The game goes on continuously until your game time is up.

This game works well for teenagers as well as small children and would be great for a group date or a youth group night.  Make sure that there is plenty of space to run and there are no sharp edges where someone could get hurt while running because the game can get intense:)

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