"If You Have.." Nail Painting Spa Party Game

If you are looking for a fun party to play at your next Spa themed party, this might be the perfect one for you.  It is a great way to have fun and give your guests something to do while their nails are drying.  It works for adults and children and can be used at a Birthday Party, a Baby or Bridal Shower or any other girls night.

How to Play
To play, have a list of questions ready for your guests as well as nail polishes for the guests to choose from.  Provide options so the girls will love their nails once they are done.  Once the girls have all picked out their nail colors have them sit in a circle with their polish within reach.  Start by asking your first question. 

For example: If you are Wearing the Color Pink..., paint one of your nails.

Continue asking questions until you only have one person with an unpainted nail left.  This last person with an unpainted nail wins the game.

Sample Questions for a Younger Girl's Spa Party:

Sample Questions for a Bridal Shower:

Sample Questions for a Baby Shower:

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