Matching Hearts - A Valentines Day Game

This Valentines Day game would be a great game for a school party because it involves matching and reading.  You can also alter the game to fit the age of children you are creating the game for.  If they are old enough to read use words on the hearts.  If they can't read yet you can use shapes or patterns that they can easily recognize.

How to Play:

Prepare at least 16 hearts.  They should be a similar shape and size.  You may also want them to all be the same color.  On one side of the hearts write words or use shapes, colors, patterns or pictures.  You will need two of each word, pattern, picture excreta so that they children can find the matches.

Mix up your hearts and set them up in a 4 x 4 square with the word/picture side down.  Then let the children take turns finding their matches.  Once all the matches are found you can mix and repeat.

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