Musical Hearts - A Valentines Day Game for Kids

This game is a classic twist on musical chairs that is perfect for Valentine's Day or a Heart Themed party. It's easy and fun for the kids. 

How to Play: 

Simply cut out a large heart for each player. I would recommend that they be at least 12" tall so that the children have room to stand on the hearts. Number the hearts 1 - the number of players. Write the same numbers on small pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Then place the hearts in a circle in the space where you will be playing your game. (They don't have to be in numerical order.) If you are doing this game at school you may need to push some desks out of the way or have the heart go around a set of desks. You may want to tape the hearts to the floor so they do not slip as children are walking around on them. You will also need to bring music and a music player. I think a great mix of Disney Love songs would be the perfect fit for a Valentines Party. 

Then have each child stand on a heart and when you start playing the music, have the children walk around the circle of heart. Stop the music randomly and choose a number. The child standing on the matching numbered heart wins a prize. Then continue on until your game time is up.

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