Pass the Heart - A Valentines Day Game

This game idea is perfect if you are like most of us and have zero time to plan an elaborate game.  Procrastinating finally worked out for you:)  This game is a game of stealth, and will be enjoyed by small children up to teenagers.

How to Play:

All you need for this game is a heart.  You can use a candy heart, a plastic heart or even a paper heart.  Lot's of options so pick what works best for you.  The smaller the heart the harder the game.

Have all of the children but one sit around in a circle criss-cross-applesause.  Then have the children put their hands back behind their thighs.  They will want to sit knees touching or very close to make the game hard.

The child still standing is it.  You will want to have them close their eyes or put on a blindfold for just a minute while you hand one of the kids in the circle the heart.  After they have the heart tell all of the children move their hands back and forth behind their knees pretending that they are passing the heart behind their legs.

Remove the blindfold from the child in the middle.  They should be able to see the arms moving but not have a clear view of the hands if the children are sitting correctly.  The person who actually has the heart passes it to one of the people next to them, who passes it along and so on.  The goal of the person in the middle of the circle is to find out who has the heart.  They can start guessing and once they guess correctly they take the place of the current heart holder in the circle and the child that was caught with the heart becomes it and stands in the middle.

The game continues until your playtime is up.

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