Pinterest Boards - Photography Ideas for Little Girls

Today we are highlighting one of our most popular boards on Pinterest, our Photography Ideas for Little Princesses board. 

My husband is an amazing photographer as a hobby.  For those of you who are not closely acquainted with a photographer, that means I have a storage room and garage full of photography lights, backdrops, tripods and other photography accessories.  Not only do they take up a tremendous amount of space, but they are also pricey.

When we were first married I thought it would be a great idea to support my husband in his hobby by going with him on his photo shoots.  That lasted all of about twice.  I'm pretty sure that photography has to be more tedious than fishing.  He would sit there for sometimes hours waiting for the sun or moon to be in just the right spot to even start thinking about taking a photo.  Drove me Crazy!!

Having said that, I have so much respect for photographers, for their patience first of all and their amazing vision in putting the perfect shots together.  The pictures he has taken of our children for me are some of my greatest treasures.

We hope you have fun browsing our Photography Board on Pinterest, and take time to check out some of the other fun boards we have as well.

Happy Pinning Everyone!!

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