The Fairy Godmother Father and the Ballerina Bun

One of my little girls is a Ballerina. She started out in gymnastics with my other girls, but her coaches and I noticed that she was excelling at the artistry, lines and hand positions. It reminded me of a ballerina, and when my husband and I gave her the option of switching to ballet it was an instant yes from her. She has been in a little over a year now, and it is her absolute favorite thing to do. She loves the shoes, the leotards, the tutus, the jumps, the positions, the music, it just works for her.

 A few months ago she was invited to participate in the ballet Cinderella. She was one of the maids dancing around the castle while she cleaned. She had been practicing for months, had her beautiful costume and tutu, her apron and headband and she could not wait to perform. Unfortunately I was not going to arrive home in time to do her hair which needed to be done in a tight, perfect ballerina bun. My husband was informed that he was up for the job of hairdresser for the day. I think he was a little panicked:) My husband is good at a lot of things, but girl's hair is not his specialty. My daughter was putting a lot of pressure on herself for her bun to be perfect, and it had to stay in while she jumped, danced and played backstage for the entire performance. I didn't get to see her close up until after the show, but her hair was beautiful. The bun was tight and stayed in for the 3-hour ballet. I was totally impressed, and wondered if he had been holding back some skills that I didn't know about. That night after my kids were in bed and I was getting on the computer, I turned on the screen and the browser was open to google. In the search terms were the words, "How to do a Ballerina Bun." Of course I burst out laughing, but it was the kind of laugh where you are crying a little bit too because it was the sweetest thing. My little girl's big, tough, manly Daddy did whatever it took, and went way, way out of his comfort zone to make sure his little girl was ready for her special night under the lights. It was her night at the ball, and he was, for one night, her fairy Godmother. (P.S. Don't tell him I called him that:)

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