Tiara Toss - A Princess Party (Ring Toss) Game

Why is it so hard sometimes to find your prince? Well, I don't know that this is the right blog to open that discussion, but it is the theme behind our new princess party game idea. This party is a princess twist on a ring toss game.

Supply List:

How to Play:
Number each of your frogs one to however many guests you have. You could do this by writing a number on the bottom of the frog or taping on a number card. You will also need to number the party favor bags or prizes with corresponding numbers.

Then, set the frogs out, separated from each other, giving them about a foot of space around each frog. Make sure you put them in a place with nothing fragile in back of or around them. Then, set a throw from line back 4-8 feet from the frogs.

The girls line up behind the throw from line and, in turns, take the crown and toss it trying to have it land around a frog. If they miss they go to the back of the line. You can gradually move the line closer to the frogs if needed.

Once a girl successfully lands her frog prince she picks up the frog and takes it with her. After all of the girls have their frog have them show the number on the frogs. Their number will correspond with a number on a party favor bag or prize for them to take home with them after the party.

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