New Princess Jewelry Party Favor Packs

We just added a Princess Jewelry Party Favor 6-pack to our Amazon store.  Each of these adorable party favors include a Jewel Bead necklace, Jewel Bead bracelet and Jewel Bead ring inside a small mesh drawstring bag.  Each piece is made to stretch to fit, and should work for all for all of your party guests.  They will love the large diamond shaped jewel beads that are feature in each one.  I let my little girl try them on for pictures and she didn't want to take them off.  She kept checking herself out and loved the huge ring on her finger.

These princess party favors could double as party decorations for the table, or they could be used on the Princess Treasure Hunt game.  Your guests could earn their jewelry pieces as they went through the hunt adding them to their little bag as they go.  At the end of the hunt could be a tiara to finish off the princess look.

The jewelry will come in an assortment of colors.  Here are the pieces that might come in your favor bags.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, impressive and adorable party favor for your next princess party this might be just the thing for you.


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